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said... "Not at all," he said.. " they are very good, sensual and err.. a little chilly 'i laughed. 'gl I' mNotice cunttt that he said, responded that " Angela " Because my reason for bringing you here was not honorouable I would love to pose for some pictures for me and maybe I could some pictures of them. ' To do. "I 'd love' era. all I could think to say. n If he began his photographic equipment, Angela asked me to enter the next room ready. he showed me and asked me feel comfortable. had a chair and rooms overlooking a beautiful garden. I retired to my boxers and waited for Angela. I admit, a little nervous, but when it came soon put me at rest. cunttt "Right " Let ' s start as she said, and I lay on the couch. After a few minutes and a few test shots when Angela called, asked me to remove his boxers. My cock was already stiff, but it was like if you had noticed 't. she took pictures of my flat and then I asked around, and she did the same. Finally, Angela said she had to go and Anothcamera and he just a minute. I waited, but she seemed to come more than that, and I could have sworn I heard another voice in the study of others have. Finally, he returned, but to my surprise she was stripped only a bra and thong brief quarter. ' I hope you don ' t mind, "he said, ' But I think it adds to the atmosphere '. My cock swelled and now could not stop my erection always, ' s long-term. ' Mmmmm good 'Angela purred, as she approached me cunttt and took pictures with a focus on my dick hard. "Please fondle me," he said. Did not ' t have to ask twice. wrapped my hand around my penis and stroked it slowly up and down. The atmosphere was full of sexual tension. she took some pictures of my face that I was cunttt lost in all t
Quotes is. 'Let's see some precum ' Angela said. I rubbed a little more and showed a drop in the tail end. quickly took pictures, then I felt his fingers touching the tip of my cock and rub the c fallsmy glans. " The magnificent views all wet and shiny," said Angela, as they shot took place nearby. was very close to coming now, was a fact obvious to all familiar with Angela when she asked me to cum for her. I stroked his cock harder and faster. I could hear a lot of photos here to take your camera. I closed my eyes, I felt Angela ' s hand on my balls and squeezed gently. C ' mon' whispered 'I want pictures of you, shoots around the abdomen " I stroked harder and faster, my other hand pinched my nipples, harder, faster, faster... i and not hold back and shot my cum was high in the air. I could hear the camera frames at a rapid pace, as my semen fell on my chest, cunttt belly and balls. Angela was almost screaming with joy. " rub in ' gasped. I can do for my hand on my belly, as requested begun... but was surprised as well as other hand started around my belly. 'Open your eyes, "said Angela. I did to be confronted by other large stif and only if the erection. "This is Martin, my friend was " to say everything he does Angela before she stroked his penis and he went viusly short, thick streams of my penis and testicles, and abdomen. She grabbed his camera and took delight in bad habits of the whole. Finally, put the camera down and knelt beside me and rubbed his hands smooth and thick juices on my penis and testicles, the wine offers on your finger to Martin , who licked his. " now," said Angela " both have the first bit of fun, now I want some of me, so let ' s you get two hard again" ... She smiled and took my cock shiny, soft in the mouth.... CONTINUES


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It was a nice spring day and the sun of Alston to get some heat back. which cunttt had been submitted in town to get a piece of cunttt paper and a coffee, and when I went through the gallery, I noticed billboards, a new collection of a local artist. Since I was in no hurry, I decided to look around, and fast. inside it was very quiet, in fact, I was the only person there.. or so I thought. was in the collection that are part of pencil drawings and photographs to look at. While I was watching a very interesting picture of a woman in the nude, I was the clip- clop of heels on the floor. as' are you? ".. I saw that I had asked the question on his face, discovered by unmistakebly with the theme of the drawing. The lady must have been about forty, very large, very attractive with long blonde hair, \\ \\ a beautiful smile and a deep division cunttt cunttt " it's very interesting ' s " I replied, smiling, but with a loss for words they faced the problem,of the image. ' My friend and I took pictures and drawings to do, and invited us to chance, show some here get' he said. " But we have more return loads in our study. Maybe you want to go back there for lunch with me, and you could see some of cunttt our interesting pictures ".. She smiled and winked. 20 minutes later we were back in the studio and now knew what he meant by " interesting. " There were two drawings and photographs of her and her boyfriend in various stages of sexual arousal. My cock was stirring in my pants short and I could feel the sense of anticipation grows. turned out to be Angela, and gave me a glass of wine, as in the photos. looked over some pictures and they were definitely more and more dirty all the time . "I don 't mind me show you this," Angela